jen | i like to be pretentious and watch movies


dry shampooing my way through life

rt meme; [4/5] 5 podcasts + gavin or google?

alright, the first phrase of gavin or google is…



Hair by Sharmaine using #BLULLINI For #PolyesterMagazine photo by Arvida Bystrom


Horrible Bosses 2 (x)

i kind of want to apply to give historic ghost tours bc i love spooky things and two of the stops are literally on my college campus so i could customize the tours to add extra stories and my own experiences. but you have to memorize facts and do public speaking which i am so weak at. its like my worst nightmare but also my dream job and im paralyzed with what to do


[messages you at three a.m.] hey do u wanna hear my headcanons


I wish boobs did the bra thing without having to wear the bra

 Erica Albright

I think we should just be friends. I don’t want friends. I was being polite, I have no intention of being friends with you.

Christoph Waltz photographed by Peter Lindbergh [x]